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Okay. Mm, yes, Starlight did call me a few days ago. She just wanted some help tracking-
―Anika's last words.[src]

Anika is a recurring character of the Amazon series The Boys. She worked for Vought International as an analyst in the Crime Analytics department until Homelander murdered her under the suspicion that she was responsible for the security footage leak.


Very little is known about Anika, except that she used to work at Vought International as an analyst in the Crime Analytics department.

The Boys Series[]

Anika is first approached by Stillwell in "Cherry." Stillwell asks if they have located Translucent. However she reports they've had little success. Stillwell then tells her to be discreet.

Homelander appears in Crime Analytics and personally asks Anika if they located Translucent. Homelander is concerned over Translucent given the situation surrounding his disappearance. Anika suggests if they could call Stillwell, but Homelander demands her not to and insists on finding Translucent on his own. Homelander then threatens Anika and insists further on finding Translucent's last known position.

Anika does reappear in "Nothing Like It in the World" where Black Noir appears in front of her and demands information on Billy Butcher. Anika is hesitant and shows him Butcher's last known position and then assures him her team is searching. Noir silently intimidates Anika into searching now. Anika complies and begins searching for Butcher, Noir then sits down right next to her and oversees her progress. Eventually Anika finds footage of Butcher climbing the wall to Becca's house and this leads Noir to hunt down Butcher.

Anika reappears briefly in "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here" as she's being interviewed regarding what she has talked to Starlight about. She's hesitant to reveal this information, but eventually does when Homelander swears she'll be okay. As soon as she confesses to talking to Starlight about tracking someone down, Homelander lasers through her head, killing her instantly, much to the horror of Ashley and annoyance of Sister Sage.


She is terrified of Vought International superheroes and executives. She is a bit nerdy and has a liking of almond joys.