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"An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents" is the second episode of the first season of the animated anthology series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical. Its animation is based on Justin Roiland's own style, as most famously seen in Rick and Morty. It was released on March 4, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.


The title says it all and reveals the ending. Let's just say it's cathartic and a real mess.


The episode opens at the Red River Assisted Living for the Gifted Child where the Narrator explains that this is the center where parents dump their kids with "shit powers". He introduces Mo-Slo, who walks extremely slow. Boombox has a speaker for a face. Fang has teeth that can cut through almost anything. Kingdom can turn into any animal, but he transforms body and mind. Aqua Agua can just turn into water. Big is just really big. His best friend is Human Tongue - a Supe with 100% muscle and no bones. Picante Balls can melt anything with his testicles. Ranch Dressing Cum Squirter and Boobie Face are two other Supes - their powers are explainable. Ghost is a ghost who can move through walls. Another Supe, Flashback, can visualize flashbacks. In a flashback, Ghost's parents are angry at Vought because they thought their Supe child would make them rich. Finally, the Narrator introduces himself - his power is the power to narrate. Barb, a nurse at the center, wheels him away.

All of the Supes find out about Compound V and that they were man-made. They are furious that their parents made them like this. "It's time for a family fucking reunion!" screams Ghost. They get in a car and go to try and find their parents. First, they find someone at Vought to get the files on where their parents are located. Another Supe named Papers walks in, with the ability to find any papers any time. He’s not very good at finding papers though but Fang manages to find them.

First, Tongue kills her parents by strangling them. Then, Aqua Aqua kills their parents. And so on. Boobie Face rescues his dog in the process. Mo-Slo takes a really long time to kill his dad.

Ghost's dad seems to have known she would've come around eventually because of the Compound V news. Her friends help her kill him in the garage. However, Homelander shows up and kills everyone immediately - except for Ghost who can’t die. Ghost's mom walks out and sees her husband dead. She tells Ghost, "I wish you were never born!" Ghost tells her she'll return one day.

The Narrator goes to kill his dad, while narrating everything that happens.




It's time for a family fucking reunion!