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That's how you choose a monologue to compliment your director without explicitly saying, "Hey, I love you. I'm a needy little shit. Please give me the job." No, you do it through the work. You play it on the fucking line.
―Adam Bourke regarding Liam's audition.[src]

Adam Bourke is a recurring character of the Amazon series The Boys and a minor character in its spin-off series, Gen V. He is the director of Dawn of the Seven.

The Boys Series[]

Season Two[]

In the third episode, Adam pitches his origin story script to The Seven in the absence of Homelander and gets some harsh feminist notes from Stormfront. By the fifth episode, filming has started after a rewrite by Joss Whedon, which he still seems ticked off about, bitching passive-aggressively at Stormfront.

Season Three[]

Adam shows his new film, Dawn of the Seven, at a Vought premiere event. He ends up having very aggressive sex with Ashley Barrett in the bathroom of the event.

Gen V[]

Season One[]

After exposing himself to Minka Kelly, Adam Bourke gets kicked out of the high life and has been relegated to teaching acting classes at Godolkin University's Crimson Countess School of Performing Arts.

During the insurrection on campus, Adam is teaching his class when Sam Riordan interrupts him. Sam attempts to choke him to death before Emma Meyer stops him and tells him to let go.

Adam rushes to a barricaded meeting room in which Ashley and some Goldokin University trustees are hiding. He, Ashley, and the trustees retreat to a wrecked but enclosed helicopter cabin and stay there until the insurrection ends.


  • Adam Bourke is based on director Zack Snyder. Snyder's 2017 film Justice League, a film about a team of superheroes coming together to defend Earth from all kinds of threats, suffered extensive executive interference and behind the scenes troubles which eventually led to a recut of the film titled Zack Snyder's Justice League otherwise known as the Snyder Cut. Similarly, Dawn of the Seven faced production troubles with Bourke later releasing the Bourke Cut which added new footage including a recasting of Stormfront as a villain after her identity as a Nazi was exposed to the public.