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Can't stop The A-Train!
―A-Train's catchphrase[src]

[The] A-Train is a major antagonist of the superhero-drama comic series The Boys. He was a speedster who became a member of the Seven to replace their previous speedster. He is the archenemy of Hughie Campbell.

He inadvertently killed Hughie Campbell's girlfriend, while chasing a criminal. The one event kick-started the events in the series, by creating a vengeance against superheroes in Hughie, and Hughie's involvement in the Boys.


In the comic series, A-Train is a speedster and an ally to Homelander but is youthfully reckless and arrogant. He was recruited by the Seven after leaving the teenager-based superhero group called Teenage Kix, as a replacement for Mister Marathon, the group's original speedster who was killed on 9/11 when The Seven botched a plane rescue.

He first appears after accidentally killing Hughie Campbell's girlfriend Robin Mawhinney while chasing a criminal, which causes Hughie to join the Boys to get revenge. As a member of the Seven, he is kept in check by Homelander after making fun of Starlight, the newest member of the Seven after Lamplighter's death. In addition, A-Train is convinced by the Seven to laugh off the incident where he killed Robin. When A-Train and Starlight are tasked with cleaning an undead Lamplighter, he attempts to rape Starlight a second time, but is temporarily blinded in one eye. When Homelander starts to take his plans into motion, A-Train decides to stay low, but is kidnapped by Billy Butcher. He is killed by Hughie for Robin's death, and after it was revealed he and the Seven only hired Starlight to sexually assault her.


A-Train is a fair-skinned young man with a lean yet muscular build. He wears a blue suit and blue gloves, exposing his arms and shoulders. The suit has a massive white A on the front and back which connect, and a white belt with a blue circle that also has an A on it. His gloves have white cuffs around the wrist with ovals on the back of the hands.


Like most "heroes", A-Train is self-centered and mostly interested in fame, fortune, and publicity rather than helping others. In fact, he displays a remarkable lack of empathy, possibly even to the point of sociopathy. He is a "superhero" with super-speed whose carelessness was responsible for the death of Robin, Wee Hughie's girlfriend, in the first issue, accidentally tossing over her a super villain he was chasing and crushing her into a brick wall. Initially he feels genuinely bad about it, but it's not long after that he just brushes it off as nothing.

A-Train is the crudest member of the Seven, being the one who most openly enjoys humiliating Starlight. A heavy drug user and bitter over Starlight, A-Train openly expresses a desire to sexually assault her again. One such attempt results in him being temporarily blinded in one eye from her. Due of his immaturity, A-Train is not respected by the rest of The Seven, with his only real friend being Jack from Jupiter, whom A-Train later sides against when Jack's reputation is ruined.

A-Train has also shown an immature side. When Starlight spoke at The Seven's meeting table for the first time, A-Train made multiple childish noises that sounded similar to some sort of slurping, earning the ire of Homelander due to it being in front of James Stillwell, and leading him to remind him that he isn't in Teenage Kix anymore and that there are times when he has to be serious. When he was captured by Billy Butcher and at the merce of Hughie, he begs and sobs for his life in a manner of a crying toddler.


  • Superhuman Speed: A-Train have the ability to move far beyond what is naturally possible for the vast majority of supes in The Boys Universe. Because of the wide range of speed levels in this category, the speeds that A-Train can achieve varies between subsonic and transonic, and perhaps, at maximum, the sound barrier. However, it is unlikely that he can compete with Mister Marathon since it is stated that the founding members of the Seven have received the highest exposure to Compound V.
  • Accelerated Body: A-Train has a fully accelerated body and body systems, making it faster and able to work faster with the same amount of energy used. This allows him to heal and recover faster, with increased strength, speed and reflexes, as well as accelerated perceptions. A-Train's body hardens under immense pressure as a process known as the dilatancy phenomenon, which presumably lowers his wind resistance, allowing him to reach inhuman speeds. A-Train's mind and senses process information at such a speed that time seems to have slowed down, enabling it to perceive what would normally move too fast to be seen/heard and react accordingly. A-Train's body is also highly efficient when it comes to gaining energy, expelling far less waste product.



  • Lack of Training: A-Train has no formal training in the use of his powers, or in handling dangerous situations. This led to him accidentally killing Robin Mawhinney. He says himself that he has very little control when moving at those speeds.


  • Blunt Force/Limited Durability: Although his body can withstand the force of high-speed travel, A-Train can still be destroyed. As demonstrated by Wee Hughie, who rips his head off with a single blow, even though he's been enhanced by Compound V.
  • Left Eye Blindness (Temporarily): When A-Train attempted to rape Starlight a second time while disposing the corpse of Lamplighter, Starlight used her powers on his left eye to blind him for a while. This discouraged him from messing with Starlight any further.


  • A-Train is a parody of the Flash from DC Comics, more specifically, Wally West due to his youthfulness and immaturity coupled with being the second Seven speedster and coming from a teen team before joining the main superhero team of his universe.
    • Marathon's death and A-Train taking over mimics Barry Allen's death in Crisis on Infinite Earths and being replaced by Wally, which makes sense considering that when The Boys was being published, Wally West was the main Flash.


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A-Train's Death

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A-Train seeing The Deep beat Jack from Jupiter.